Online Compliance & Change Training


Datafisher is a one-stop shop for your compliance training and elearning needs.
We make compliance and change training rollouts easy for you by providing

  • Pedagogically effective elearning solutions for compliance and change training that feature
  • Top-quality benchmarked content and best practices used by the largest companies in the Nordic region

We also work closely with you to customize any content to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Elearning Solutions With Expertise, Benchmarked Content & Best Practices

We make it easy for you to rollout top-quality elearning and training solutions that help you:

  • Strengthen your company’s culture of compliance and increase awareness of best practices
  • Mitigate your company’s risks by providing your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to comply with company policies, applicable laws and regulations
  • Proactively embrace major change in your organization and/or promote a culture of Doing the Right Thing

If the largest companies in the Nordic region trust Datafisher for top-quality elearning solutions that make rollouts of their compliance and change training easier, so should you.


Datafisher, together with over 260 companies, NGOs, universities and other organizations, is proud to be a member of FIBS.

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