Datafisher develops high-quality eLearning. We focus on delivering training and communications material that make even the most difficult topics interesting and easy to learn. How? Through real-life scenarios, interactive tasks, learner-friendly formats and stunning graphic design that help make the message stick.

We draw on nearly a decade of experience helping the largest companies in the Nordic region. With over several hundred of multilingual eLearning courses, we can deploy targeted digital training and communications programs across large multinational organizations.

Our specialty includes compliance, change and strategy trainings.



Is your organization in compliance with the EU’s most recent privacy and data protection reform GDPR? Are your employees aware of the far reach of the UK Bribery Act (2010), the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (2008) and how they may impact their business practices?

Datafisher’s Compliance programs help you train and communicate these in an understandable and interesting way. We guarantee content of the highest quality.

Our training & communications programs cover topics such as:

  • Bribery & Corrupution
  • Antitrust & Competition Law
  • Code of Conduct
  • Employee & Personnel Relations
  • Protecting Company Assets & Technology
  • Company values, Ethics & Integrity


More than 50% of organizational changes fail! Why? Because of employees’ resistance. Lack of information and understanding of why the changes are being made are often the key drivers for resistance. Therefore, training and communication of the change/changes is essential.

Datafisher creates pedagogically efficient content that will help you proactively embrace major changes in your organization. You’ll be able to:

  • Increase understanding of change
  • Decrease resistance


According to the Harvard Business Review, 70% of employees are unable to identify their company’s strategy. Consequently, they’re not aware of how to work according the strategy.

Datafisher will help you communicate and train your strategy to your employees and other stakeholders in a clear and understandable way. They will understand how the strategy is implemented in your organizations every day practises. Once employees understand the reasons behind why they are doing their job in a certain way, their work-motivation will increase.




We use interactive surveys and online assessments to benchmark the current state of your organization regarding Compliance matters, Change programmes or Strategy roll-outs.

We evaluate and analyze the impact of your communication and training programs by standardized before and after surveys.

Datafisher, together with over 260 companies, NGOs, universities and other organisations, is proud to be a member of FIBS.

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