Is your organization in compliance with the EU’s most recent privacy and data protection reform (General Data Protection Regulation)?

Are your employees aware of the far reach of the UK Bribery Act (2010), the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (2008) and how they may impact their business practices?

Datafisher has nearly a decade of experience helping the largest companies in the Nordic region to promote corporate compliance and an ethical company culture through employee training. We are also a member of the Finnish Better Business Network (FIBS), the leading Corporate Responsibility Network in Finland.

At Datafisher, we believe that employee training should:
• Inspire learners by providing them with high-quality, pedagogically effective, engaging training solutions
• Drive ethical behavior and strengthen your company’s culture of compliance
• Mitigate your company’s risks by providing employees with the knowledge and skills they need to comply with company policies, local and international laws and regulations
• Help you proactively embrace major changes in your organization and/or establish and promote an ethical culture of “Doing the Right Thing”.

We develop every training program with these objectives in mind. Our training solutions deliver top-quality, pedagogically effective content on a variety of important topics in user-friendly, engaging formats and delivery methods that make the message stick.

With over 100 multilingual e-Learning courses, we can deploy targeted training and awareness programs across large multinational organizations. Our training programs cover topics such as:

Bribery and Corruption

• Conflicts of Interest (COI)
• Insider Trading
• Gift Giving & Receiving
• Interacting with Foreign Government Officials
• Third-Party (Supplier) Compliance, Risk Management and Due Diligence

Antitrust and Competition Law

• Trade Compliance
• Exchanging Information
• Cooperation with Competitors
• Trade Association Activities

Code of Conduct

• Social Media Guidelines
• Ethical Leadership & Management
• Effective Communication
• Speaking Up & Reporting

Employee & Personnel Relations

• Respectful Conduct
• Harassment
• Discrimination
• Abusive Conduct & Bullying
• Employee Health & Safety
• Disability Accommodation
• Diversity & Inclusion
• Hiring & Firing
• Interviewing

Protecting Company Assets & Technology

• Handling Confidential Information
• Intellectual Property
• Data Privacy and Protection
• Information & Cyber Security
• Records Management

Company Values, Ethics & Integrity

• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
• Environmental Sustainability
• Financial Integrity
• Money Laundering (AML)
• Political Activity
• Personal Privacy

We work closely with you to customize any content to meet your organization’s specific needs. We can also provide you with tools, training, technical support, and a talented creative/production team to help you create your company’s own e-Learning programs.
Our nearly decade-long experience partnering with the largest companies in the Nordic region brings a wealth of benchmarking material and best practices to our Compliance and Code of Conduct e-Learning courses and programs. If top companies trust Datafisher to develop and implement high-quality, high-impact Code of Conduct and Compliance training programs that help them promote an ethical corporate culture and “Doing the Right Thing”, shouldn’t you?


Are your suppliers committed to the same standards as your company? This can be especially important for compliance with certain far-reaching legislation and for companies with a “One Company” policy. We can help you develop and rollout high-quality training to meet this need.

We use interactive surveys and online assessments benchmark the current state of your company’s compliance program and to evaluate and analyze the impact afterwards.

We also provide the technical support you may need to deploy your compliance programs globally in any local language with real-time reporting services.

Mystery and gaming
at your service

Why should your company consider elements of gaming and good design in its employee training when you could just send a PDF or PowerPoint presentation instead?

Because successful e-Learning contributes to higher employer value proposition (EVP) and increases employee engagement – and you’ll cut costs when it comes to creating localizations and language versions.



Curiosity and engagement

So, rather than just hand your employees another e-manual or booklet that tells them what to do and what not to do, we can help you craft training that invites them to explore, be inquisitive and play while learning the job-related content they need. These soft elements – curiosity, gaming and mystery – tap into their desire to understand and encourage them to ask “What is this?”, “Why do things work like this?” or “I can see myself in this.”

Creating effective learning experiences requires a solid understanding of what your employees need to know, what motivates them, what is relevant to them, and what ties them to your organization.

In other words, well-designed and implemented e-learning can improve employee engagement with your company’s Code of Conduct and Compliance Policy and promote a “One Company” culture throughout your organization.

What design?

Do you like Cluedo? Virtual worlds? Cool, fancy interfaces? We can create anything from rapid e-learning designs to high-end, tailor-made interfaces, depending on your needs.

Beyond stunning graphic design, good e-learning needs a pedagogical structure to ensure that users learn what they need to know when they finish. Defining meaningful measurement criteria and using the organization’s resources wisely is therefore a must. In short, we use elements of play to motivate users to learn the targeted content (Code of Conduct, Compliance Policy, etc.).

So, what makes for an effective e-Learning program? Understanding your audience’s needs, sparking their curiosity about the content, and introducing varied content – from informative videos to realistic scenarios, activities, and other game-like elements – throughout the training engages learners and helps them learn the targeted content.


Datafisher, together with over 260 companies, NGOs, universities and other organisations, is proud to be a member of FIBS.

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