DF Dolphin Learning Management System


Our lean, smart and fast Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easy and simple to manage training & communication, while making data accessible to learners anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Managing organizational training & communication has become increasingly important in today’s ever-changing business environment. We know that wider changes require measurable training and communication across your entire network – not just to your employees.

The ability to plan, analyze and develop organizational learning benefits the entire organization, gaining you competitive advantage through lower training costs, increased efficiency and productivity, greater transparency and improved compliance.

DF Dolphin™ is an easy-to-use cloud-based LMS that our customers use for selling, training and communication with their employees, managers, vendors, customers and other stakeholders. We provide it to our customers as a hosted service that is accessible to all assigned stakeholders throughout your network, including vendors/suppliers, clients and partners. DF Dolphin™ is also compliant with the EU’s new GDPR requirements.

The largest companies in the Nordics use DF Dolphin™ for their digital training and communication needs. Shouldn’t you?

DF Dolphin™  When a regular LMS is just not enough.



Our LMS is originally conceived as a “collaboration tool” for the bachelor thesis project of one of Datafisher’s programmers.


Based on the idea of a collaboration platform, our first LMS version – “LMS Lite” – is born!


Our LMS gets a name! Infused with new technology and taking on a broader role as an enterprise ecosystem communications platform, our LMS becomes “DF Dolphin Extended Enterprise LMS”.


Regular improvements in speed, stability and new features continue to make DF Dolphin ready to swim in the open seas!

What our clients say about DF Dolphin™

“Fast and agile”

“Makes complex rollouts easy”

“Affordable and cost-effective”

“Visually appealing”

“Clear, easy to use”