Stora Enso

Internal Video Campaign

Stora Enso wanted to reduce the amount of incidents on its premises by engaging its employees with safety regulations. Since the audience is already saturated and is familiar with safety messages that are spread across Stora Enso’s factories and offices, Datafisher suggested introducing safety from the employees’ points of view.

Datafisher has created a “Heroes” campaign, consisting (mainly) of 5 short videos. Each video introduces a different case of an employee who had his life jeopardized and saved by following safety guidelines.

At first, we get to know them a little bit, and through concise information understand a bit of their personality traits, roles, and peculiarities.

Following that, the hero tells what happened on that specific day. This helps to create a sense of a factual story, something that was real, that really happened — it’s different from a general theoretical explanation about safety, but a concrete example of the benefit of that. Referencing to moments and memory is encouraged, to create a sense of realism.

The hero then introduces what he has done. In conclusion, the hero states the benefit of the safety procedure.

This also allows a three-part structure, which is very interesting for storytelling: introduction, development, conclusion.