Video production

We create high-end corporate, digital, and branded content, crafted by our international talents. For us it’s about telling compelling stories the audience can engage with.

We’re more than a production company and can complement campaigns with video, print media, or web banners. Being flexible, we can also aim to work around any time or budget constraints.

You don’t need to be an expert. It can be a mere idea or need, such as communicating your vision, promoting a new agenda, or launching a new policy. We will take care of the process and provide concepts, storyboards, directors, and everything else necessary to accomplish your goals and share your story.

360° VR Video

We’ll take you behind the camera! In addition to our traditional video production we are now producing totally new 360° videos.

360° videos give the opportunity for immersive environments on your mobile, desktop computer and hands free with the Oculus Rift, HTC and Samsung headsets. You can watch the videos from all angles; 360° technique lets you see to right, to the left, up and down. Even to behind the camera!

The videos are always captured from a real-life landscape (or environment) and produced into ready material. The 360° videos can contain text, info, graphic elements and even sounds. Ready videos can be used e.g. for virtual visits, product demos and explorative learning.