Datafisher since 2000


Datafisher was established in the year 2000. First 16 years were mainly web and elearning productions. Since 2016, Datafisher has focused on helping companies build ethical and more digitally agile company cultures by increasing ethical awareness and transforming the way they communicate, train and manage their company cultures and embrace constant change in their daily environments.

Character is tested through business.
— Rabbinical teachings

Our mission


Our long history in digital services with the largest companies in the Nordics has taught us that agility and company culture are keys to success in today’s world. To support this, we offer fast, agile and efficient services to manage your change towards a more ethical and better performing company.


Our people and culture:

Datafisher is an amazing multicultural group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds. We draw strength from our diversity and take responsibility for delivering what we promise. Providing the best for our clients brings out the best in us. This is how Datafisher gets things Done. Differently.


We are happy to meet you in one of our offices in central Helsinki or Stockholm or to visit you at your location.



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Datafisher Oy

Address in Finland: Technopolis Ruoholahti 1, Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

Address in Sweden: UMA Kungsbron Blekholmstorget 30 F 111 64 Stockholm, Sweden


Phone: +358 40 350 7527

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Phone: +358 44 593 2336


Digital: Datafisher Oy, OVT 0037 1605 8151, Operator OpusCapita Solutions Oy:n E204503

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Datafisher, together with over 260 companies, NGOs, universities and other organizations, is proud to be a member of FIBS.

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