Why a Code of Conduct matters

As the foundation of your ethics and compliance program and the framework for guiding and informing your employees’ decisions and behaviors, an effective Code of Conduct must go beyond just a set of written rules.

Give life to your values and let your company culture grow to a new level.

What we offer

Datafisher's Code of Conduct training goes beyond the written rules to help the members of your organization understand what factors influence behavior and the process needed to identify, manage and reduce the risks they face every day. Our “Best Practices” Code of Conduct training and custom solutions are all designed to engage and inspire your employees to integrate your company’s values into their decisions and to live them out on a daily basis.


How it works

Our campaigns support your goals by strategically extending the reach of your ethics and compliance programs beyond a one-off training experience. This reduces seat time, keeps employees engaged and creates opportunities to measure program effectiveness.

To help build the right campaign-based program around your organization’s Code of Conduct, Datafisher’s compliance and ethics professionals will serve as an extension of your team and walk you through the creation, execution, delivery and measurement process to ensure that your goals are met.

Our “Speak, Train, Challenge, Sustain” methodology

The main components of Datafisher’s ethics and compliance campaigns consist of four phases in the learner's journey: “Speak, Train, Challenge, Sustain.”

Speak – We help our clients create a voice for ethical behavior. Before we train, we internally publish short pieces related to the upcoming training topic. We also select a group of 20-100 individuals for a brief pre-training survey to identify the current state of awareness and your employees’ expectations.

Train – We work together with our clients to create a modern, inspiring and personalized learning experience that raises both awareness and knowledge of key areas of ethical conduct.

Challenge – We challenge your personnel in a positive way to apply what they have learned to everyday ambiguities in ethical conduct. We believe that employees intend to behave ethically, but sometimes find themselves in ethical “grey areas” where ambiguity and uncertainty can cause them to make poor choices. We want to help them recognize these areas by challenging them in our realistic scenarios and activities.

Sustain – We create short communication and learning experiences throughout the year to sustain high awareness and keep knowledge of your ethical company culture at the forefront. We also offer short post-training surveys to help you see the impact and “wear-out effect” of your training.

It is easy to see the black and white, but it is in the 50 shades of grey where we typically get lost. This is why ethics training is so needed!             
— Pavlos Shaul Ylinen, CEO, Datafisher