Online Compliance & Change Training


We offer top-quality online compliance & change training programs that help you:

  • Strengthen your company’s culture of compliance by increasing employee awareness of best practices
  • Lower compliance risks by training your employees about company policies, applicable laws and regulations
  • Proactively embrace major changes in your organization
  • Promote a culture of Doing the Right Thing

We work closely with you to customize any content to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Compliance & Change Training with Expertise, Benchmarked Content & Best Practices

Our off-the-shelf and tailor-made compliance modules feature:

  • Compliance topics from Code of Conduct to Competition Law, Anti-Corruption, Data Privacy/GDPR training and more.
  • Pedagogically effective content with interactive interfaces that keep users engaged
  • Benchmarked content and best practices used by the largest companies in the Nordic region
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If some of the largest companies in the Nordic region trust our top-quality online compliance and change training programs, so can you.

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Datafisher, together with over 260 companies, NGOs, universities and other organizations, is proud to be a member of FIBS.

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