DATA protection / GDPR / Information security

Why DATA Protection & Information security matters

In today's interconnected digital business landscape, data is as valuable as currency. Protecting your customers’ and personnel’s personal data and confidential information is essential in building and maintaining their trust and in preserving your organization’s reputation.

What we offer

Datafisher’s best practice online trainings on data protection, EU GDPR and information security will help you inform your employees and partners on how to process personal data and confidential information securely in your Company. With effective training, they can understand the new EU data protection law (GDPR) and know how to take it into account when processing personal data and confidential information in their work.


How it works

Our campaigns help support your goals by strategically extending the reach of your compliance programs beyond a one-off training experience. This approach reduces seat time, keeps employees engaged and creates opportunities to measure effectiveness. The main components of Datafisher’s ethics and compliance campaigns consist of four phases in the learner's journey: “Speak, Train, Challenge, Sustain.”

Give your employees the right knowledge and tools to protect valuable data and information.

To help build the right campaign-based program around Information Security, Data Protection, Data Privacy and the GDPR for your organization, Datafisher’s compliance and ethics professionals will serve as an extension of your team and walk you through the creation, execution, delivery and measurement process to ensure that your goals are met.