Register Specification

Provided in compliance with the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999, 10 § and 24 §)
20 February 2017

1. Keeper of the register

Datafisher Oy
Hiilikatu 3
00180 Helsinki
ID: 1605815-1

2. Contact person in matters related to the register

Pavlos Ylinen
Datafisher Oy
Hiilikatu 3
00180 Helsinki
Phone +358 403507527

3. Name of the Register

DF Dolphin user database

4. The purpose of processing personal information

The DF Dolphin Extended Enterprise LMS uses the DF Dolphin user database to communicate and interact with users participating in Datafisher’s training programs as well as to provide users with customized training materials and content. The system (LMS) tracks individual users’progress through the training materials and reports this progress to client companies that have registered users (usually their employees) and assigned these training courses to them.

5. The information content of the register

1. Full name
2. Contact information (e.g., email address, phone number)
3. Position in the client company (e.g., company name, country, location, department, division, employee number)
4. Name and email of direct manager
5. Date and time of course completion (and performance scores, where supported)
6. Time spent interacting with the course materials

6. Regular sources of information in the register

The information is provided primarily by client companies before a training program begins. In some cases, users register themselves using a web-based form.

7. The regular destinations of disclosed data

The data are made available to the client companies. Client companies receive information only about users who have signed up to their courses. Data are also used to evaluate and improve the quality of the course material.

8. Transfer of data outside the European Union or European Economic Area

No data is not transferred or stored outside EU or EEA.

9. The principles of securing the data file

The register data are only kept electronically. The company uses encryption for data transfers and system administration, firewalls, professional server facilities and numerous monitoring tools. Access to the register is limited only to those employees who require it to perform their job duties.

Last updated 20.02.2017