Jan 2, 2018

Strengthening Hollywood’s culture of compliance?

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In the wake of a long list of recent allegations of inappropriate behavior by some of the movie industry’s most well-known personalities (e.g., Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, James Tobak, etc.), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has published a new Code of Conduct for its members. Academy CEO Dawn Hudson emailed members on Wednesday (6 December 2017) evening about the new “statement of values” that members are expected to uphold.

This is great news! But is just sending an email or PDF enough to really change the engrained culture that permitted the behavior in the first place?

Our extensive experience in compliance and change training says an emphatic “No, it isn’t!” Creating a genuine shift towards a culture of compliance requires effective training based on industry benchmarks. Datafisher’s Code of Conduct and compliance training programs offer just the tools you need to raise your organization’s awareness of ethics and compliance – and make it stick!

Making the cultural changes necessary to avoid problems before they happen minimizes your compliance risk and helps your organization avoid potential liability, expense and serious reputational damage! Now why didn’t Hollywood think of that?

Datafisher Code of Conduct and compliance training. Done. Differently.

Stephen Stalter
Compliance Business Manager
Datafisher Oy