Oct 30, 2014


written by guyw
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We’re in the news, thanks everybody!

On October 26th Hanna Koivisto, from Sanoma Media, mentioned that our KESKO recruitment campaign to attract young talent has exceeded the expectations BIG TIME!

Datafisher was responsible for the planning, visual design and execution of the campaign and its assets. Using the Sanoma channels and other medias, such as KESKO’s website and print materials, we have aimed at attracting the best talent in Finland. Our target was physical and online spaces, where high-calibre candidates tend to spend most of their time: Universities, online media and social networks.

Besides print and social media campaigns, our team has also developed a specially designed online self-assessment test, set to appeal to candidates and stimulate self-discovery about their own styles of leadership.  The results were not late to come — and all KESKO had to do was choose from the best of the best.